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FEATS OF ENDURANCE: In 2011 the Museum had an exhibition commemorating Feats of Endurance, the exhibition included vehicles that were used to achieve remarkable distances in extremes of climate and terrain. The following is a selection of cars and motorcycles from the exhibition.

1978: MORRIS MINI 1275GT - TWICE AROUND THE WORLD: Determination and raising money for Cancer Research Charities around the world. Duncan Mortimer, from Chichester, England, drove this Mini around the world in 1996 covering a distance of 22,530km over a 130 day period, he then repeated the feat in 1999~2000 covering a much greater distance of 38,625km in eleven months.

In 2009 Duncan commenced a third around the world trip, I checked his website as I wrote this in February 2012 and he had recently posted images of the Trailer having lost a wheel resulting in considerable stub axle damage and images of the Grand Canyon, Utah, the journey continues. The Morris Mini 1275GT was manufactured by the Austin Motor Company, Longbridge, Birmingham, England, it was powered by a 1,275cc four cylinder engine producing 54bhp @ 5,250rpm, the car had a maximum speed of 138kph.

1989: LANDROVER 110 TURBO DIESEL - CAMEL TROPHY WINNER: The Camel Trophy celebrated it's ninth year in 1989, the event was held in Brazil, appropriately during their wet season when the dusty Trans-Amazonica Highway turns to axle deep mud. Bob and Joe Ives won the event and they were subsequently awarded the RAC Segrave Trophy. The Landrover was powered by a 2,495cc turbo charged diesel four cylinder OHV engine which produced 85bhp @ 4,000rpm. The vehicle had a maximum speed of 119kmh.

1974: TRIUMPH TIGER 100 'JUPITER' - AROUND THE WORLD: In October 1973 Ted Simon undertook an around the world journey by motorcycle. Ted travelled over 102,000km which included the length of Africa, around South and Central America to California, across Australia and much of India, the trip took four years to complete. The motorcycle was powered by a 490cc twin OHV engine producing 27bhp @ 6,300rpm. The motorcycle had a maximum speed of 160kmh.

Incredibly in 2001 Ted Simon undertook another around the world journey by motorcycle, the motorcycle was a BMW R80GS and Ted, at 70 years of age, completed the journey in three years.

2003: BMW R1100GS ADVENTURE - TRANS AMERICAS: In 2002 Kevin and Julia Sanders established a new record for motorcycling around the world. That wasn't enough, in 2003 they planned to break the forty seven (47) day record for motorcycling the length of the Americas. In compliance with the Guinness Book of Records rules the journey commenced in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska and finished 27,200km later in Ushuaia, Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina, the record was smashed as the pair completed the journey in thirty five (35) days. The motorcycle was powered by a 1,130cc horizontally opposed twin OHC engine producing 85bhp @ 6,750rpm. The motorcycle had a maximum speed of 209kmh.

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