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1957: AERMACCHI (MACCHI) MB236H: The Macchi, as it was known in RAAF and RAN service was used as a Jet Trainer, offering an 'all jet training scheme' for Australian pilots. A total of ninety seven aircraft were operated by the RAAF, the initial order of twenty were sourced from Italy and the remainder manufactured by the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation and Hawker De Havilland. The Macchi was replaced by the British Aerospace Hawk in 2001.

The Museum's exhibit, 'A7-001', was the first Macchi operated by the RAAF as a Jet Trainer in 1967, retired in 1999 the aircraft was stored for many years before transfer to the Museum in 2000.




1960s: BELL UH-1H IROQUOIS : Following the success of the 'UH-1B' modern turbine powered Helicopter in Vietnam the RAAF was equipped with the more capable 'UH-1D' and 'UH-1H' types. The 'UH-1H' incorporated a larger cabin, more powerful engine and improved performance. Ultimately the Iroquois battlefield fleet was transferred to the Australian Army in 1989.


1963: DE HAVILLAND CANADA DHC-4 CARIBOU: The RAAF chose the Caribou as a short take off and landing (STOL) aircraft to replace the Dakota, the first three aircraft were delivered to the RAAF Richmond, New South Wales in 1964. 'A4-152' served in Vietnam, West Irian, India, Pakistan, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and East Timor. Clearly a versatile and reliable aircraft.

The Museum's exhibit, 'A4-152', was one of the first three to arrive in Australia in 1964 and the second last to be withdrawn from service in 2009, an operational life of forty five years!



1972: CT4A AIRTRAINER: Based on the Victa Aircruiser, the CT4A was manufactured by New Zealand Aerospace Industries. The RAAF ordered a total of 51 CT4's as a replacement for the Winjeel and the aircraft were supplied from 1975 to 1982. The CT4A was used at various Flying Schools and they were retired in 1992, the same year that Military Flying Training ceased at Point Cook, a training facility which had operated continuously since 1914.

The Museum's exhibit, 'A19-027', was the first CT4 received by the RAAF, the aircraft was used as a test aircraft from 1975 to 1981. Subsequently the aircraft was used a a Trainer until 1992, the aircraft was transferred to the Air Museum in the same year.





1940~1945: BEAUFORT GUN TURRET: Australia's largest World War 2 armament program, 700 Beaufort aircraft and 365 Beaufighter aircraft were built by the Department of Aircraft Production. The Beaufort Gun Turret incorporated two .303 Browning Machine Guns

1946: PIE CART: Manufactured after World War 2, the Pie Cart was used by the RAAF School of Technical Training to simulate hand starting an aircraft engine. The components depicted here are interesting, the engine is a Gipsy Major engine as used in the Tiger Moth and the engine mount is from a Spitfire Mk V.

1946~1952: CAC ROLLS ROYCE Mk102 MERLIN ENGINE: Manufactured by the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (CAC), this Merlin Engine was based on an original design by Rolls Royce, United Kingdom. A total of 108 engines were manufactured by the CAC between 1946 and 1952, the engines were fitted to RAAF Lincoln Bombers.

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