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THE AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL AVIATION MUSEUM, MOORABBIN AIRPORT, VICTORIA: The Australian National Aviation Museum is located at Moorabbin Airport in Melbourne, Victoria. Owned and operated by the Australian Aircraft Restoration Group, the Museum collection includes a significant variety of Commercial and Military Aircraft exhibits.

AIRCRAFT EXHIBITS: My records of Aircraft Exhibits have to start with two of my favourite Aircraft, the Fairy Gannet and the Sabre Jet. Sadly the Museum does not have adequate space to display these wonderful Aircraft in a protected environment.

1949: FAIRY GANNET - XG789: One of five surviving Gannet's in Australia, the Museum's exhibit is representative of a total of thirty six (36) Gannet's that were purchased by the Royal Australian Navy for anti-submarine duties. The Royal Australian Navy - Fleet Air Arm replaced their Fairy Fireflies with the Gannets, they in turn were retired and replaced by Grumman Trackers in 1967.

The bulging fuselage and more critically the somewhat unique contra-rotating propellers were driven by a single engine which offered minimal frontal area and reduced complexity compared to a twin engined alternative.




1951: NORTH AMERICAN F86 SABRE JET - CAC CA-27 SABRE A94-989: The Museum's exhibit is representative of various versions of the Sabre which totalled one hundred and twelve (112) Aircraft delivered within the period 1953~1961. The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Sabres had significant modifications, most critically Rolls Royce Avon engines producing 7500lbs of thrust vs the standard General Electric J47 engines which produced 5,200lbs of thrust. Armament was unique to the Australian variant, the North American 0.50 calibre machine guns were replaced with two x 30mm Aden Cannons and Sidewinder Missiles.

The Museum's Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (CAC) Sabre was delivered to the RAAF 77 Squadron in 1958, the Aircraft served with the RAAF throughout Australia, Malaysia and Thailand. The Aircraft crashed near Williamstown, New South Wales in 1969 was assigned to a 'fire dump' and acquired by the Museum in 1982, the Aircraft has undergone a rebuild over many years.


1941: DOUGLAS DC3 - VH-ANH: The Museum's exhibit is representative of arguably the world's most successful Commercial Aircraft, over 10,000 variants were built under the various titles of DC3, C47 and Dakota.

The Museum's DC3 was manufactured by Douglas for American Airlines in 1941, pressed into service during World War 2, the Aircraft was subsequently transferred into Commercial service with Guinea Airways. Ultimately the Aircraft was acquired by the Museum in 1972.





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