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There were plenty of vehicles adorned with the name 'Brabham' including Sir Jack's 'NSW 28' Speedcar Midget Racer a BT-11A, BT-23C1, BT-23D1 and a BT-24-1. The following is just a sample of the 'Brabham' influence which was to be found throughout the pits and race track!

1947: 'NSW-28' BRABHAM SPEEDCAR MIDGET RACER: Nestled in a corner of the 'Tasman Experience Display' almost hidden from view, I spotted this marvellous racer. The car was built in 1947 for American Johnny Schonberg, after a few races Schonberg handed the car on to Sir Jack. Success came quickly for Sir Jack including New South Wales titles in 1948 and 1949, one Australian, two South Australian titles and an Australian Hill Climb Championship. Sir Jack raced 'NSW-28' at Sydney Sportsground and Showground, Parramatta, Windsor, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and New Zealand and held the '12 lap' record at Sydney Showground for several decades. The car was awarded Vintage Speedcar Association 'Restoration of the Year' in 1990.

Originally powered by a 1,000cc JAP 8/80, Sir Jack 'upgraded' the power plant to a 1,400cc 50 degree V Twin 'Brabham copy' of an 1,100cc JAP engine. The 'upgrade' ran with an 11:1 compression ratio running on methanol. Drive is through a dog clutch and Amilcar differential. The bodywork is all steel construction.



1967: REPCO BRABHAM BT23-C1 'FORMULA 2': This car is the Factory Formula 2 car driven by Sir Jack Brabham and Frank Gardner in 1967. In 1968 the car was loaned to Frank Williams team for Piers Courage. It was also driven by Graeme McRae in the 1969 Tasman Series.

The engine is a Ford Cosworth FVA 1,600cc with Lucas mechanical fuel injection. It developed 235bhp at 11,000rpm driving through a five speed Hewland FT200 gearbox with a limited slip differential.

1967: REPCO BRABHAM BT24-1 'FORMULA 1': This was the Repco Brabham Formula 1 car driven by Sir Jack Brabham in the 1967 Grand Prix season. In 1967 Sir Jack won his second Formula 1 Constructor's Championship and came second in the Driver's Championship to New Zealander Denny Hulme by a narrow margin. The BT24-1 is the most successful Brabham F1 car ever built, winning a total of forty one World Championship points in 1967. BT24-1 is considered the most original of it's type in raceway condition, the chassis is completely original. It still retains the original Repco engine.

The engine is a Repco Brabham 3,000cc SOHC V8 with Lucas mechanical fuel injection. It developed 330bhp at 8,000rpm driving through a five speed Hewland DG300 gearbox.

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