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TT2011 Parade Laps: The TT program included two Parade Laps, the Milestones of the Mountain Parade Lap which commemorated the Centenary of the Snaefell Mountain Circuit and the Arai Parade Lap.

The MILESTONES OF THE MOUNTAIN PARADE LAP: As part of the Centenary of the Mountain celebrations, the 'Milestones of the Mountain Parade Lap' included some of the greatest Motorcycle Riders and Machinery to have raced at the TT, critically each rider and/or machine was entered in celebration of a specific 'milestone'! My records of the Parade are organised and identified with the entrants 'parade start number' and then the 'actual machine's race number'.

#1/26: DAVE ROPER - 584cc INDIAN: Celebrating Oliver Godfrey wins the first Senior TT Race to be held on the Mountain Circuit in 1911. Dave worked feverishly on this motorcycle at the A.R.E. Motorcycle Museum prior to the event in the hope of ensuring a lap of the circuit could be achieved, unfortunately the machine only made a static appearance on Glencrutchery Road.



#2/55: GRAHAME KNEALE/NICK CROWE - 600cc DOUGLAS OUTFIT: Celebrating Freddie Dixon wins the first Sidecar TT Race in 1923. Note that the Outfit's engine is a horizontally opposed flat twin mounted longitudinally in the frame. Unfortunately for Grahame and Nick the rear cylinder on the Douglas was reported to have seized before they had completed half of their parade lap.


#3/1: IVAN RHODES - 350cc VELOCETTE: Celebrating Stanley Woods, winner of Ten (10) TT Races.


#4/35: JOHN KIDSON - 500cc AJS: Celebrating Jimmy Simpson, the first rider to lap the TT Mountain Circuit at 60mph, 70mph and 80mph.


#5/24: MALCOLM WHEELER - 500cc NORTON: Celebrating Freddy Frith becomes the first rider to lap the TT Mountain Circuit at 90mph in 1937.


#6/1: PETER DUKE - 500cc NORTON: Celebrating Geoff Duke OBE, winner of Six (6) TT Races and Six (6) World Championships.


#7/78: KEITH AMOR - 500cc GILERA: Celebrating Bob McIntyre becomes the first rider to lap the TT Mountain Circuit at 100mph in 1957. Note that Keith and the Gilera did not participate in the Parade Lap, I have included here a web sourced picture of Bob McIntyre and my images from the TT2010 Laxey Woollen Mills Photographic Exhibition, where a replica of the 1957 TT winning 500cc Gilera was on display.


#8/5: LUIGI TAVERI - 250cc HONDA: Celebrating Honda becomes the first Japanese Manufacturer to contest the TT Races, going on to win 155 times.


#9/1: DICK HAWES/TBC - 500cc BMW OUTFIT: Celebrating German sidecar crews and German built machines dominate the TT Sidecar Races during the 1960's. The Sidecar passenger's name has not been confirmed.


#10/9: JOS SCHURGERS - 125cc YAMAHA: Celebrating Bill Ivy, Two (2) times TT winner and the first rider to lap at over 100mph on a 125cc machine, a lap record that stood for 'eleven years'. Jos is being assisted by Ferry Brouwer, owner of the 'Yamaha Classic Racing Team'.


#11/10: PHIL READ MBE - 250cc YAMAHA: Celebrating Phil Read MBE, winner of Eight (8) TT Races and Eight (8) World Championships.


#12/62: ROY HANKS/JULIE HANKS-ELLIOT - 500cc BSA OUTFIT: Celebrating Rose Hanks becomes the first lady in TT history to stand on the TT podium as passenger to Norman Hanks in the 1968 Sidecar TT Race.


#13/1: GIACOMO AGOSTINI - 500cc MV AGUSTA: Celebrating Giacomo Agostini, winner of Ten (10) TT Races and the most successful Grand Prix rider of all time, winning a total of Fifteen (15) World Championships.


#14/6: DAVID HAILWOOD - 500cc HONDA: Celebrating Mike Hailwood, winner of Fourteen (14) TT Races and Britain's most successful Motorcycle Racer, winning a total of Ten (10) World Championships.


#15/12: CHAS MORTIMER - 350cc YAMAHA: Celebrating Chas Mortimer, winner of Eight (8) TT Races and the first rider to win Two (2) TT Races in a single day.


#16/1: GUY MARTIN - 500cc SUZUKI: Celebrating John Williams becomes the first rider to lap the TT Mountain Circuit at 110mph in 1976.


#17/10: MICK GRANT - 500cc SUZUKI: Celebrating Mick Grant, winner of Seven (7) TT Races.


#18/1: STEVE WEBSTER MBE/PAUL WOODHEAD - 500cc YAMAHA OUTFIT: Celebrating Jock Taylor, winner of Four (4) TT Races and Sidecar lap record holder over the Mountain Circuit for Nine (9) years.


The MILESTONES OF THE MOUNTAIN PARADE LAP: Please continue my coverage of the Milestones of the Mountain Parade Lap and coverage of the ARAI Parade Lap.

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