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Goodwood Revival 2009: The 'Revival' obviously is all about 'reviving' an era of racing, specifically the golden age of racing, covering the years between 1948 and 1966. There was a great deal more happening this year however, the 80th birthday celebrations for Sir Stirling Moss, judging of Aircraft by a true hero of Space Exploration Dr Buzz Aldrin, the 50th birthday of the Leyland Mini, just so much was packed into the three day program. I'll start with Sir Stirling Moss, Murray Walker, Dr Buzz Aldrin, James May and some of the period costumes. Additional pages cover Cars,   Motorcycles  and  Aviation, so I trust the following images capture some of the grandeur that is Goodwood.....

SIR STIRLING AND LADY MOSS: I was delighted to meet Sir Stirling and his wonderfully supportive wife Lady Susie twice and I might add 'deejay51' was first in line on the first day of the Revival to meet the Moss's!!


Lady Susie and Sir Stirling, a wonderful couple.

MURRAY WALKER,  DR. BUZZ ALDRIN  &  JAMES MAY: Again, delighted to meet Murray, I followed his every word in Formula 1 and his active continuing interest in the Isle of Man TT, just tops.  Murray, a thorough gentleman and I am not mistaken.

Effectively everyone in the crowd around Dr Buzz Aldrin were clearly in awe of this man, very little was spoken as Buzz proceeded to judge various types of Aircraft, along with James May on the final day. Buzz along with Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins truly the men of the twentieth century in my opinion. I believe the trio will be fondly remembered and revered in a thousand years time as the first humans to take 'that step' onto another planetary moon.

James May, so approachable and quietly spoken, mind you James offered a few quips about keeping 'you know who' well away from Aircraft!


Mr Murray Walker, truly no introduction required, deejay51 is the one wearing all the lanyards!

THE PERIOD COSTUMES: Spectators were encouraged to wear appropriate attire, specifically this Revival was to celebrate the 'sixties', hence there were some Period Racing, Hippee and Fun Costumes....









CARS, MOTORCYCLES & AVIATION: The following 'clickable' images are links to specific pages covering Cars, Motorcycles and Aviation, so please read on and consider experiencing Goodwood yourself some day, it is well worth the visit and will require the full three days....




MORE GOODWOOD REVIVAL 2009: Please continue my 'Goodwood Revival 2009' coverage by selecting from the following pages...

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