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THE ISLE OF MAN TT, 2007: The Centenary TT was a 'must visit' and it was everything I had hoped for, the TT so steeped in History with Factory Backing for the Top Teams, brilliant weather, huge crowd attendance and some marvellous machinery on show, Oh and I had the opportunity to meet some of the great TT riders of previous years, I was delighted to meet Giacomo Agostini, Jim Redman, Kel Carruthers, Robert Dunlop (RIP), Mick Grant, Graham Crosby, Pauline and David Hailwood (a cherished memory), Luigi Taveri, the list goes on. Oh, Troy Corser was there for a look, did I mention Nori Haga and Kevin Schwantz!!

Re-enactment of the 1907 TT: This was a tremendous way to commence the TT Centenary Celebrations at the original St Johns Circuit, the re-enactment was well attended with upwards of sixty entries, the majority of riders were attired in appropriate period outfits, including somewhat dubious helmets. Mr Geoff Duke unveiled a plaque commemorating the event and flagged away the participants.


Period Costumes extended to the Invited Guests and Spectators to.

The Senior TT and the Centenary Parade Lap Competitors: The major event of the TT fortnight, John McGuinness won for Honda, breaking through the 130 miles per hour 'average' lap time around the torturous TT Circuit. So many of the greatest TT Competitors participated in the Parade Lap and the appropriate machinery was well represented to.

John McGuiness pilots the winning Honda Fireblade into the Interview Area. Very calm after hitting 200mph in parts of the circuit!


Record Pics of Race Machinery, Old and New: I have never felt the sheer intensity of the TT at any other circuit. The atmosphere, knowledgeable spectators, beautiful machinery, I have included some images I hope capture some of what I'm describing here.......


The first TT winning Norton.


Only at the TT: OK I 'am' working out the TT, the characters, the atmosphere, but honestly these shots. Well I was stunned to say the least!!!


Priceless, and a Media Person no less!!!!!


DEEJAY51 Weekly Reports: The following 'weekly reports' are my recollections of my 'IOM 2007 TT' experiences, including my travels to and from the British Isles over approximately a four week period. I am very proud of the fact that the 'fully bound version' was accepted by the Isle of Man Museum in 2007 and is now permanently in their archives!

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