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For over thirty years I had followed the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy (TT) Races from afar, reliant on the media in Australia to provide imagery and results, but all that never prepared me for the real thing in 2007.  The TT, where does one begin to describe this annual event, I'll give it a try, from my perspective it isn't about the racing, it really is the whole package, if there is one word to describe the TT it is 'ATMOSPHERE'.  To arrive at the Grandstand and Pit Areas, to see the Riders, Mechanics, Merchandising and remember the great Riders and machinery of the past, to me it is an absolute magnet.

I have described elsewhere that I just had to go to the Centenary TT in 2007 and have been going back ever since!  From the other side of the world my annual pilgrimage has allowed me to meet so many TT Riders, both past and present, some wonderful TT fans, wonderful Isle of Man residents running B&B's, in fact I love the Isle of Man, full stop. Below are brief descriptions and links to the dedicated pages covering each year I have attended.

TT 2107, how about a vision of the future, I have developed my thoughts on the Isle of Man TT 'Double Centenary' of 2107, refer to the bottom of this page for the link to a 'somewhat futuristic' dedicated page!!

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THE 104th TT - May/June 2011:

The TT for 2011 included two significant 'anniversaries', the 50th Anniversary of Yamaha's competition in Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing and critically the Centenary of the Snaefell Mountain Circuit, the earliest TT's were run on the much shorter St. John's course without a mountain section, in sympathy with the machinery's capabilities of the era.

The 'clickable' image depicts John McGuinness immediately prior to the start of the Senior TT.

THE 103rd TT - May/June 2010:

The one hundred and third running of the Isle of Man TT offered great racing, the promise of improved spectator attractions and it certainly delivered in one unexpected area. Ian Hutchinson (Padgett's Racing) riding Honda machinery became the first rider in the history of the TT to win five (5) ICE solo classes in the one year, an incredible achievement for Ian and Honda.

The 'clickable' image depicts Ian Hutchinson being congratulated by Jorge Lorenzo after Ian won the Senior TT.


THE 102nd TT - May/June 2009:

The program promised a great deal and delivered, great racing, the first ever ZEV/TTXGP Zero Emissions Race, Honda celebrated their 50th year of competition at the TT and Valentino Rossi made his first visit to the TT.

The 'clickable' image is of Steve Plater on the rostrum having just won the Senior TT on the HM Plant Honda Fireblade, the sister machine piloted by John McGuinness failing to finish after suffering a broken drive chain, whilst leading the race!

THE 101st TT - May/June 2008:

John McGuinness again took out the Senior TT equalling Mike Hailwood's overall number of wins at the TT.

Ducati celebrated their 50th year of competition at the TT and more critically it was the 30th year celebration of Mike Hailwood's incredibly successful return to the TT, Mike winning the 1978 F1 race on a Ducati.

The 'clickable' image is of John McGuinness on the Padgett's Honda Fireblade immediately after winning the Senior TT.

THE CENTENARY TT - May/June 2007:

This is where it all started  'in person'  for me, what a year it was. So many highlights, so many of the past Stars attended and their machinery was on show.

John McGuinness really stole the show, smashing through the 130 MPH barrier with a 130.35 MILES PER HOUR average speed around the unforgiving 37.73 miles TT circuit. There were parade laps, displays all over the Island, re-enactments of the original TT hosted by Geoff Duke, a fantastic fortnight.

The 'clickable' image is of John McGuinness immediately after winning the Senior TT on the HM Plant Honda Fireblade.

THE 200th TT - May/June 2107!!:

My vision of a very futuristic TT,  the 200th.  I've thought a great deal about this, looked at the somewhat slow evolution of Motorcycle Racing, the tyres, the engines, so hold on tight.....

The 'clickable' image is an Audi Futuristic Concept 'Motorcycle/Aircraft inspired'  Hover Vehicle [www pic].

I'll be there,  in spirit!!!!!!



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