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1969: THE 'CB750' DREAM FOUR: It is extremely unlikely any motorcycle will ever be produced that could usurp the CB750/4 from it's unique position as the  greatest motorcycle ever made!  Honda developed an enormous array of smaller capacity motorcycles from the 1950's onward, never venturing beyond the CB400 twin 'Black Bomber'. I recall the Triumph, BSA and Norton manufacturers to name but a few considered their marketplace, 'the big bore motorcycle' was totally safe and the need to 'kick start a big bike' was considered mandatory, all that changed in the late 1960's.

Honda stunned the motorcycling public in late 1968 with the release of the CB750K0 four cylinder SOHC motorcycle at the Tokyo Motor Show. The motorcycle offered four cylinders, four carburettors, four exhausts, electric start, a disc front brake, reliability and a first for large capacity motorcycles of the day, 'an oil tight engine'. I regard the CB750 as the greatest motorcycle ever made, it offered so much 'in the one package' and clearly started the whole UJM4 revolution. I recall the first tabloid information I read on the CB750 was in Australian Motorcycle News, the only supporting image in the report was a CB750 motor, pedestal mounted.

The motorcycle press of the day considered the CB750/4 was certainly a masterstroke, however any suggestion of racing the model was met with distain, too wide, too heavy. Honda had an ace to play, the USA Daytona 200 miler of 1970, Dick Mann won for Honda, that started it all, my coverage of the racing CB750/CR750 is here...

The four cylinder engine displaced 736cc with an OHC head and produced 67PS at 8,000rpm. A five speed transmission, smooth four cylinder engine and a disc brake were major features.

NB: Due to the significance of this motorcycle I have included 'CB750' imagery from the Honda Hall, the Isle of Man TT and a VJMC Australian rally to depict the three original factory colour options...

HONDA HALL EXHIBIT: The Honda Hall exhibit is a Candy Blue/Green CB750K0. The 'K0' was the first model released incorporated a single throttle cable, vented side covers with the main body colour extending over the air filter housing and the body colour was also used on the upper fork housings.


ISLE OF MAN EXHIBIT: This CB750K1 candy gold machine was on display at the Isle of Man TT2010. The 'K1' had no vents in the side covers, a black housing around the air filter box, chrome upper fork enclosures and a dual push/pull throttle cable system.

VJMC AUSTRALIA EXHIBIT: This candy ruby red CB750 has a 'K0' head casting, 'K0' body colour upper fork enclosures and 'K1' side covers and air filter box colour. The motorcycle was on display at a VJMC Australia rally in Healesville, Victoria. The 'K1' had no vents in the side covers, a black housing around the air filter box, chrome upper fork enclosures and a dual push/pull throttle cable system.

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