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I have owned a few cars, hired some great ones, some horrors and researched a great deal of information regarding the future of the motor car, in particular the merits of conventional Internal Combustion Engined (ICE) cars versus the growing trend toward Hybrid, (petrol/electric) and a much more appropriate Hybrid marriage (turbo diesel/electric), low emission (LEV) petrol cars and the correct and only viable path for the future of the motor car, zero emission (ZEV) cars including Electric Cars and Hydrogen (gaseous) fuel cell cars.

Maybe you're a bit put off by so many types of power plants and buzz word terms above, well it's all quite simple really. The correct path for all Car Manufacturers and Government (infrastructure, hydrogen highway, road tax concessions etc) is to SEE THE LIGHT and stop persisting with seemingly endless minor updates to ICE cars to achieve miniscule reductions in fuel consumption and pollution numbers, stop persisting with Hybrid (yes stop Hybrid) and LEV vehicles of all persuasions and move URGENTLY to zero emission ZEV vehicles.

I have divided my selections below into three categories, specifically the 'best car', the 'best ICE Cars' and of course the ubiquitous 'Bloopers List'!!


THE 'BEST' CAR:  A car that has won the 2009 World Green Car Award, a car that exists today. A car offering a true window to the future of the Automobile, of course it is a Honda, it is the HONDA FCX CLARITY. The following images have been sourced from the web...


The front end of a beautiful car.


THE 'BEST' ICE CARS:  Limited to my 'top five', in no particular order. I photographed the 'Gullwing' at the Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart, all other images are sourced from the web...



Mercedes 300SL Gullwing (1954), the ultimate classic car. A masterpiece of design, function and form.


THE 'BLOOPER' CARS:  Based on my own experiences and luckily currently limited to one vehicle, I give you the HILLMAN IMP!! I photographed this 'pristine example', in the Heritage Motor Museum, Gaydon, England. A horror rear engined, noisy car with a highly questionable gearbox. My mother's corgi 'trixie' did however love the back seat!!


The most ungainly, unreliable car I have had the misfortune of 'driving', hmmm



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